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About Me

I am a web designer currently living in the Greater Boston Area. I specialize in clean, compliant, cross-compatible website development, but I definitely push the boundaries wherever possible. I'm a talented artist, an avid gamer, and proud to be a geek.

The Skills

My primary skills revolve around XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Object-Oriented Actionscript 3.0, and PHP. I am currently exploring the fascinating world of Flex.

I've been working on the web since 2005, on projects involving a wide range of technologies, including but not limited to ASP, ColdFusion, Java, PHP, DHTML, and MySQL.

I live and breathe Photoshop, and can hold my own in Illustrator, Flash, or virtually any other design program you can throw at me.


I grew up in an artistic household full of wild and crazy talented people. I also grew up playing video games. This formula almost always leads to the sort of guy I am: a creative, talented and techy dork.

I love photography, toys, movies, games, artwork, comic books, and anything that can spark my imagination.

I'm currently engaged to a talented young animator named Katherine. It's our dream to bring our imaginative ideas to others around the world through any and all media we can get our hands on.

But enough about me, time for the real meat and potatos.

My Work

Logo Design

Widgets & Web Apps

Website Design & Development

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